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When I met my husband, his favorite ice breaker was telling me "fun facts" about various things. So, lets break the ice with some FUN FACTS about me!

- I really love ice cream. So much so that I could probably eat it for every meal!

- I have 6 younger siblings, and I love hanging out with them! Family is so important to me. 

- I absolutely LOVE any type of dating reality TV shows. The Bachelor, Love Is Blind, Married at First Sight; you name it. My husband and I have so much fun binging those shows together. 

- My favorite downtime activity is baking and cooking. Whether its making sourdough bread, chicken alfredo, a roast or cinnamon rolls, I love to be in the kitchen!

- I prioritize fitness, and have tried a lot of different types of workouts! I have power lifted, ran a half marathon, and my current obsession is pilates. 


I have been creating since before I could talk. From doing photo shoots with my siblings, to coloring all over my moms walls (sorry mom). Being a photographer has always been a dream of mine, so this is truly a dream come true for me! I give ALL the glory to God for where I am today. I am so thankful for how he has blessed me with not only my talents, but the resources to be able to have my own business! I thank Him every day for the opportunities I have to shine his light through my creative endeavors. My goal is to leave every senior better than I found them - to leave them feeling encouraged, loved, and confident in who they are. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, especially during their senior year! 

This wouldn't be a proper introduction if I didn't introduce you to my husband! Jacob is my biggest supporter, and his confidence in me is what gave me the push to make this a career! When he's not eating all the food I make, you can find him doing media coverage for sprint car racing, working his farm job, or watching the Toledo Walleye. 


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